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Why is this place called Dutch Monkey?  Doughnuts are originally Dutch, and our daughter, who was two when we opened, was called "monkey". It makes no sense--we just thought it sounded fun.

Why are your prices so much higher than [insert name of "donut" shop here]? Because the cost to make doughnuts with skilled hands and quality ingredients is so very much higher than producing donuts in a factory. It's like the difference between a custom Italian leather handbag and a gallon sized Ziploc. Yes, they are both bags, and yes, they both serve a similar purpose, but. . . 

But why "doughnuts" and not "donuts"?  It's personal preference.  We make our doughnuts with dough, so that seems the most appropriate. 

Why does your menu change every day? Because we're not bots, and we like to keep things interesting. Do you have a rotating schedule of doughnuts? We don't, sorry!

Can I request a flavor for a certain date? Absolutely. Custom flavors may have order minimums, depending on ingredient availability and production time. This varies by variety. Requesting a flavor in our normal repertoire usually doesn't have a minimum, but is subject to ingredient availability and prior request commitments.  

Why don't you like to accept cash? 1. It's just more sanitary to do contactless or card payments. 2. Having a lot of cash on hand makes us more of a target for theft, and we don't want to put our team in danger. 

Why do you close so early? Work/life balance. In a small business, even if you're not physically at work, you're still at work. We want to be present with our kids when they're home, as much as possible.

What happens to the leftover doughnuts at the end of the day? Some say they go to heaven. Others believe they decompose and give life to the wheat and fruit that create our future doughnuts.  A third contingent is sure there's a daily staff competition to see who can eat the leftovers the fastest. It's one of life's great mysteries. They 100% don't get sold the next day, though. 

How early do you start making doughnuts every day? Between 2:30 and 3:30 am, depending on the production load. 

Will my The Dutch gift card work here? Yes!

Do you use the same loyalty program as The Dutch? Yes!

How does your loyalty program work? Enter your phone number on the customer facing screen at checkout (or tell your server, at the drive-thru). You'll earn points for every purchase, and will be able to choose from available rewards.  

Do your team members wear masks? Fully vaccinated team members have the option to go without.

Do you require social distancing? No, but common courtesy does. Getting real close to people who aren't your friends or family is just creepy. Don't be a creep.